Kaelyn Usher is a ranger and the daughter of Garvin Usher, a magician, though she is unaware of her father's profession. Raised in the Ridgewood amongst the Grrrlf, who consider her one of the pack. She is traveling to Balmestri when she is attacked by bandits and meets William Escobar and Aren Cordelaine when they intervene.

Kaelyn as a child, hunting in the Ridgewood.

Kaelyn has green eyes. She has participated in the Grrrlf Karrruf ritual in the past. As a child, she saved the life of a Grrrlf cub, Raal; the two grew up as close as siblings, and Raal is as welcome in Usher's home as Kaelyn is among the Grrrlf.

Kaelyn does not believe in the Church of the Triune, having "no patience for those who choose to rationalize reality with a cause-and-effect God."